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First the mentality of the youth must change……….

Posted by: V.K. ( Student, UK ) on May 26, 1999 at 19:08:04:

I might be totally wrong about this point, but observing people in my school has lead to draw the conclusion that first the mentality of the youth must change, and only then possibly could we have an a minimalist socialist Government.

In my school, I have been called a 'red' or 'communist' but they were said as insults, this is because to many 15/16 year olds a socialists is just as bad a Nazi or Stalinist, many can't differentiate between them. This is why so many people are scared off socialists polices as soon as the word 'communism' or 'left wing' or the name Marx is mentioned. This in-built mentality of the youth is the result of the Murdoch (spelling) press scaring people off ideas that threaten their multi-national empire and irresponsible politicians like Reegan calling USSR 'the evil empire'.

Though possibly the most worrying thing I have heard is when a friend of mine said 'we need somebody to lead us' he said this when discussing various Governments, and someone mentioned full-blown anarchy (though I am not my-self anarchist). I think this mentality of thinking we must be lead blind-folded by corrupt politicians is quite worrying. The thought that my generation is either so apathetic or brain washed that they can't organise their own life and can't take their planet back is very disturbing.

Challenging the mentality of the youth of today must the number one priority of all radical groups, because the longer Governments can continue this brain-washing the harder it is going to be for alternatives to gain any sort of power or following.

I would like to hear from other young people you have had similar experiences to the ones I have described,

My e-mail address is VIVD@CWCOM.NET

Yours In Solidarity

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