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they dont sound very neo liberal to me

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on June 15, 1999 at 16:01:08:

In Reply to: Aye... posted by Red Deathy on June 15, 1999 at 14:10:46:

: They're head candidate on their N-West List John Whittaker (sp?), IIRC, works here at this Uni, scary bloke, economics lecturer who dogmatically teaches his view on the Single CUrrency- he left SOuth Africa at the end of Aprtheid to come here....

Lots of people left - it isnt significant in and of itself (innocent till proven guilty remember)

If he just teaches single currency then he's keeping things kinda narrow. if he is dogmatic - does that mean consistent, its a word often used in dislike of consistency. So far im only a little wary of him...

; and they talked about 1,000 years of tradition

oh dear, im going off them already - thats simple conservatism

: Basically scary neo-liberals riding on a nationalist ticket.

Dont see how you got from there to this conclusion, they sound a litle more like conservatives with a monetarist economic policy, a healthy disdain for self serving political arrangements, but little further interest in individual liberty (nationalism is a naughty word for individualists). Perhaps the lesser of some of the evils on the menu that day - would have to check the whole party position though, they might turn out to be just as bad as the rest.

: Their subt-text is implicitly racist, IMNSHO.

in the sense of nationalism, rather than overt race-origin-colour?

: The BNP played its racism down, but played a more Corporatist introverted nationalism,

I looked at their site, it would make a good addition to the conspiracy list at Yahoo. They seem like fascist statists with the 'appeal' of saying "you can do what you you like as long as we agree"

: Scargills Stalinists (Half their London list are members of the Stalin Society) isn't worth a candle. they're scary, but they didn't win any seats. Scargill's Stalinists have less mebers than we have- but more money.

It worries me that 86 people would vote for out and out despotism, but 86,000!

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