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the Scientific Socialist would not

Posted by: Marcos ( Scientific Socialism ) on July 02, 1999 at 14:15:19:

In Reply to: The modern Socialist shouldnt underestimate thier tasks... posted by Lark on June 30, 1999 at 15:54:31:

: The tasks we share with others:

All tasks are shared with others in an egalitarian society

: 1)The encouragement of the deterioration of exclusive national idenetities, to such a stage where the most patriot are engaging in liberal natioanlism and everyone else are internationalist.
: 2)The affirmation of liberty in government and the encouragement of the entire population to play a real part in their political communities and by doing act as a check on authority.

There is no need to fear authority in an egalitarian society unless you are a vile capitalist!

: 3) Decentralise political power and progress toward a situation where cheap government by local committees and resistance to centralised authoritarianism are the norm and not the exception.
: 4) Maintain a check upon horrendous political factions, whether leninist or facist or neo-nazi, which demand obediance and loyalty from everyone to their insane dreams of social engineering.

You need not concern yourself so over factions comrade Lark, where socialism is the right way it does not reuire arguments!

: 5) Argue against the unity of church and state, the establishment of secular and impartial government that will represent everyone in a very real since instead of the majority alone.

Religion is not necessary in an egalitarian society, for whom does go to hell or heaven when all are equal?

: 6) The severing of democracy from majoritarianism. The re-education of everyone in a real and meaningful sense as to what democarcy means EG accountability, tolerance and enfranchisement.

indeed, for I have posted such to Samuel Fassbinder

: Tasks which are wholly ours:

: 1) chanllenge the powers of all social, economic and political monolpolists and elites.
: 2) Where the market is the best means of organising the economy, MAKE IT WORK EG bring an end to endless subsidy and "capital offensives" where companies co-operate unscrupulously "raping" the consumer and terrorising the worker.
: 3) Diminish the importance of work and the free people from time spent working, even decommodify work altogether with initiatives like the citizens wage and render work voluntary.
: 4) identify an innovatively mixed economy with decentralised democratic enterprises which arent run at a permanent loss and cost to the non-user through taxation.
: 5) The study of the potential for a syndicalist economy.
: 6) the creation of the independent free thinking individual of classical liberal idealism but with a positive attitude social interaction and sociability.

All such tasks may be ours, do not be afraid of a vanguard of an egalitarian socialism.

: So dont anyone think this can be done in a day it's a fairly extraordinary change we're aiming at, liberalism never really suceeded and we've got to watch out for tankies all this is problematic and we could have done without it.

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