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Socialism has *never* been tried

Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialsit party, UK ) on July 05, 1999 at 13:22:11:

CP: Afraid to confront the murderous past of your beliefs, huh? I am sorry but sweeping it away by saying "we have all heard this before" just doesn't square with me. Do you think the past revolutionaries thought differently than you? Of course not. After they got rid of the previous form of gov't, the new one had to have so much power that they created a monster they did not foresee. Don't make the same mistake!! Use history as your guide.

This Article Suggests otherwise. Socialism has *never* been tried, what has been tried is Vanguardism, Úlites trying to impose their glorious vision on others.

The Above Article is from the *new* JulySocialist Standard

That do you McS? Or still to blatant? (Just checking).

McSpotlight: No problems there (apart from a little fixing of HTML;)

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