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Capital creates Inequality

Posted by: brandon ( Springfield Illinois ) on July 28, 1999 at 13:56:31:

Karl Marx once said that Capitilism was the best economic system ever devised...and he was right it is the most efficient but other than that there is nothing. Capitalism creates intentional inequality among the masses. It provides for a small percentage of rich and a large percentage of poor because it thrives off the constant cycle of cheap labor and resources. If you look at the horrors of international capatilism you can see the travesty it's so called benefits have caused(i.e. Royal Dutch Shell, Elf Aquitaine, Gerber, Proctor & Gamble). Unfortuanetely so called measures set in place to halt corporations such as these(EU etc.) have failed horribly as individual countries will not accept anything that hurts their country rather than looking at the betterment of the whole.
Capatilism doesn't work!!!!
Anok & Peace

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