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Mr X as beligerant protector.

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on August 23, 1999 at 14:45:18:

In Reply to: Heh. posted by Red Deathy on August 23, 1999 at 13:09:24:

: A hammer blow against an unarmoured person is just as strong as that against someone in armour, if society gives some people some armour, and some not....

'society' does nothing. People do. Its only by mass consensus of individuals that 'it' is the way it is. (However reality being what it is, consensus cannot change what is needed to grow sprouts etc)

: I don't think its that either, competition forces producers to keep their prces at market level- if someone is forced to raise their prices to cover the costs of GST/VAT then their competition might hold theirs down, to take advantage. 10,000% Would probably drive most business out of.

The primary point then - it distorts said market and affects consumer decisions (where rates vary) and purchasing power.

: But petrol duty isn't a VAT, because it is a flat rate duty, not a percentile, and so long as competition remains, there will be the market setting the prices for com,modities, so VAT doesn't effect prices that way neither.

Think of the knock on effects. Why are tinny little (less safe) cars with manual windows etc so popular in the UK while standard compacts in the US have V6s, auto everything for about the same costs in purchase and running? Because those taxes reduce choice and buying power.

: No, but they are getting it much cheaper than Rail freight has to buy it- plus most road tax actually isn't spent on roads or transport, it just swells Treasury coffers.

It goes out on the 100billion plus social security budget by the looks of the UK budget statements. Shows that if anything road goers are the ones supplementing other activities.

: Well, its either that pr fund public broadcasting direct from taxation, which lessens the 'arms-length principle'.

Dont fund 'public broadcasting' for the same reasons a government should fund a religion or its chosen operas.

: : What your MA about?

: "The X-Files and International Symbolic Exchange."

Sounds very interesting. How are you matching symbolic exhange to X files episodes?

I imagine you must be looking forward to the clerical role in a small insurance company which generally follows from such MAs. (meant without criticism)

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