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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, Uk ) on August 23, 1999 at 15:48:56:

In Reply to: Mr X as beligerant protector. posted by Gee on August 23, 1999 at 14:45:18:

: 'society' does nothing. People do. Its only by mass consensus of individuals that 'it' is the way it is. (However reality being what it is, consensus cannot change what is needed to grow sprouts etc)

Yes, but people, particulalry the government, pursue policies such that enable some members of society to be richer than others.
'them as have the broadest backs should bear the broadest burden.'

: The primary point then - it distorts said market and affects consumer decisions (where rates vary) and purchasing power.

No, it only comes out of the pockets of producers, we don't pay it, and we dn't suffer for it, if the rate is set reasonably the efects are negligible.

: Think of the knock on effects. Why are tinny little (less safe) cars with manual windows etc so popular in the UK while standard compacts in the US have V6s, auto everything for about the same costs in purchase and running? Because those taxes reduce choice and buying power.

I can't remember the last time I sw a car with manual windows. Thre is a psyche difference, Americans seem to have a thing about really big cars- most of our roads are smaller (our cities weren't designed with Cars in mind, certainly not Lancaster), etc.

: It goes out on the 100billion plus social security budget by the looks of the UK budget statements. Shows that if anything road goers are the ones supplementing other activities.

Well, as a proprtion, you can see most transport spending goes on Road building and maintenance, very little goes on public transport.

: Dont fund 'public broadcasting' for the same reasons a government should fund a religion or its chosen operas.

The Government does fund operas, at least opera companies through the Culture ministry and some national Board or Other (see: Hewison, R 'Culture and Consensus: England art and Politics since 1940'- interesting book). Like I said, public broadcasting has prevented the 'Law of Central tendancy' from taking too big an effect here, and maintained a degree of independance and diversity on tele, thats rapidly declining...

: Sounds very interesting. How are you matching symbolic exhange to X files episodes?

Taking the X-files as a symbol in culture markets dominated by the US industry, and its relation to the British market.

: I imagine you must be looking forward to the clerical role in a small insurance company which generally follows from such MAs. (meant without criticism)

Don't I just know it- local authority or Library work I'd like...

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