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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on September 28, 1999 at 13:02:03:

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: Oh, aye, I know but if like myself you are a socialist who's egalitarianism is rivalled only by his libertarianism then your going to scrutinise all sources of power, control and potential elites equally. What I'm suggesting is that while socialists of all shades, possibly not Stalinists or youngsters, are very aware of the Macavellis in the state as well as the market, AC's are less ready to accept such notions.

Sure about that? Most of them that write on the net are equally A as they are C. One of my faves is against the practice of incorporation for example (it hides individual responsibilty in a name eg Big Inc, or 'the government'). I think many 'just started' objectivists and libertarians are a little hero worshipping of companies, but thats more of an idealised image of a company - as given in Rands heroic novels or the notion of a benevolent creative business person (of which there are many, but not all)

: Possibilism from an AC?! Anyway I agree. However I consider the only justifiable inequality to be that which is proven to be of benefit, real, meaningful benefit to the very least or where the division in status is demanded by professionalism EG a police force or health service.

The 'lower' status of a dustbin man is only a perception. The accountant or doctor cant actually order him about or demand to cross the road first or whatever. Its more difficult to change actual perceptions than a structure 'status system' in an organisation.

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