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ten guns against the state but seem entirely unconcerned with the other threats to liberty

Posted by: Lark on September 28, 1999 at 16:05:46:

In Reply to: possibly posted by Gee on September 28, 1999 at 13:02:03:

: Sure about that? Most of them that write on the net are equally A as they are C. One of my faves is against the practice of incorporation for example (it hides individual responsibilty in a name eg Big Inc, or 'the government').

Well that's the impression I get when I go to the sights of Libertarian bookstores or Militia sights and they go ten guns against the state but seem entirely unconcerned with the other threats to liberty, if a lot of Libertarians admited the Markets faults, realised that real capitalism, your words not mine, demanded a great deal of civic virtues which effectively limit competitiveness in the interests of public service and demanded that equal organisation was made against the market as the state they'd be a hell of a lot more credible in my view.

I mean the guy who says "look at the state it is so corrupt lets organise a militia" and then becomes a scab preventing workers organising agianst an employer, as they themselves where against the state, can be a libertarian living without contradiction.

:I think many 'just started' objectivists and libertarians are a little hero worshipping of companies,

I hate that, it's similar to the way kings etc. where once idealised by their followers.

:but thats more of an idealised image of a company - as given in Rands heroic novels or the notion of a benevolent creative business person (of which there are many, but not all)

Your telling me, the idea of the benevolent business person crosses all political boundaries though I know lots of socialist stock and share brokers, it wouldnt be my bag and all but then Socialism isnt voluntary poverty and they are more ethical than conventional investors.

: The 'lower' status of a dustbin man is only a perception.

Well status maybe, I'm probably using that word in the wrong context, they have very different "ranks" in the order of things though don't they? As a result their remmuneration would be different, right? And remmuneration equals power.

:The accountant or doctor cant actually order him about or demand to cross the road first or whatever.

No he can't do it directly oppress him. However they can live better and if they choose to live selfishly if the binman chooses to live selfishly it probubly wont harm anyone. The Doctor or dentist can exploit their position of privilege too.

:Its more difficult to change actual perceptions than a structure 'status system' in an organisation.

No one said it'd be easy. It's about as realistic as forming a political party of anti-state politicians or voting for anarchy.

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