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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on October 06, 1999 at 12:13:11:

In Reply to: Is this poster completely nuts? posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on October 05, 1999 at 14:22:19:

We may need to venture into definitionism for a while because what we are really seeing in all the examples given here and in the state communist nations is the correlation between state power and democide (remember that site?) rather than between private or collective ownership of property.

Capitalism doesnt 'beat' collectivism in the death toll, even by vaige standards of capitalism unless one starts to call everything 'state capitalist' so as to include Nazi Germany and the USSR.

Basically the relationship is between state relative power and the degree of actual political freedom a people have.

Thats far more instructive than blame shifting onto various misinterpretations of various ideologies.

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