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Socialism is more than an economic theory.

Posted by: Lark on October 28, 1999 at 13:09:09:

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: It does seem to be regular occurance doesnt it Lark?

Creative individual engaging in free thought, what can I say I'm going to apologise to no one.

: What do you reckon to the labor theory of value then? Do you think that focussing on it is counter productive if one is to be a socialist? maybe you have point - do tell.

Socialism is more than an economic theory. Nazi Germany was institutionally similar to the USSR, hell the keynesian economics where similar to FDR or Beveridgean England but their was an ideological gulf between the two because each espoused different value codes, even if, in the instance of the USSR, it was ruse to try and create support for russian despotism in the west.

My point being that I havent given a lot of thought to these economic studies because I think economics is readily subordinate to values or moral codes. I mean if you want efficiency despotic government and dictatorship is the way to go, obediance brings victory as the facists used to say, but people in the west like civil liberties so business is stuck with hassle like free unions or freedom of speech (although as this site is testiment business tries to crush them both at given opportunities). Socialism may not be economically super efficient but it's freedom, who cares if it's slow.

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