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Hitler was helped into office by wealthy cartels

Posted by: Lark on October 29, 1999 at 12:02:49:

In Reply to: The above is simply propaganda. posted by DonS on October 28, 1999 at 22:03:09:

Don your not exactly endearing me to your cause, read this post in the knowledge that if an anti-communist dogmatist like you lived in the same street as me during a popular revolution you'd be the first to the guilotine.

: Don: The above is simply propaganda.

Bullshit Don, you insulting creep, what do you think I'm brainwashed or something moron? Well if I am, I'm in good company what with the likes of J.S. Mill, Hobhouse, Hobson, T.H. Marshall, Green (all liberals) not to mention Jesus Christ etc.

:In socialism, the government owns industry;

Bullshit propaganda again, it's hardly consistant with the libertarian yugoslavian or chez experiments in workers ownership is it? Or dont you know the reason that the tanks roled in?

:in fascism it controls industry.

In Facism Industry willfully collaborates you mean!! Hitler was helped into office by wealthy cartels or dont you read anything other than dogmatic revisions of history a la hayek?!

:Fascism does not require ultranationalism

Facism always requires ultra nationalism idiot, it is a brand of nationalism!! Mussolini when contrasting the despotism of Stalin and his own variety said that Stalin used class he used nationality to create subordination and unity both where varients of imperialism.

:and socialism certainly does not require moralism.

What?!! Go on generalise some more, I tell you what doesnt require morality, moving your accounts of shore to save money when already a fat useless bastard, or moving you business around the world to destroy labour rights and reduce everyone to poverty so that you can live in luxury and compete with your buddies as to who's going to be the fat decadent bastard of the month in the fortune fivehundred.

: : Hell they're just the same really, arent they?

: Don: No. They are similar, but not the same.

I'm wasting my breath your to well programmed.

: : Ever been caught between a rock and a hard place?

: Don: He wasn't.

Well seeing as you where there, spoke with the man and used your physic and physcological behvaiourist training to determine his motivations etc. your maybe more able to comment upon this than me who didnt meet the guy and has just read secondary sources about the matter.

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