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Posted by: Stoller on November 09, 1999 at 10:41:54:

In Reply to: I don't think so... posted by bill on November 09, 1999 at 00:18:04:

: : Will any of these things change the private ownership of the means of production by a minority?

: I have absolute confidence that given the opportunity, the overwhelming majority of people would support the aims of the Greens - which include social and economic justice. Since the overwhelming majority Now support the concept of democracy (an anathema to the "Representative Republic" types) - why not go with it?

But the question remains: can the Greens achieve their goals through elections, picketing, and petitioning? Can an 'overwhelming majority' of people BLOCK Exxon, etc. with only petitions and pickets? You say that an 'overwhelmimg majority' will support the Greens. What exactly will this support BE and how will it be EXPRESSED?

There were a lot of protests during the 1960s---and all the property relations STAYED THE SAME. There was a HUGE popular consensus about nukes during the 1980s---and, as the latest news attests, the nukes ARE STILL WITH US.

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