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I'm going to get the references OK?

Posted by: Lark on November 10, 1999 at 12:23:04:

In Reply to: Yes, but appropriatly, in your case, 'moron' shines through. posted by Frenchy on November 10, 1999 at 10:32:23:

: Ahhhh, but sometimes it is those things that are most obvious that need questioning, don't you agree? So, please give me some specific examples of Jesus' opposition to capitalism, property rights, and accumulation of wealth.

OK, I'll speak slowly for your benefit, I'm going to get the references OK? In the mean time check out a post in the Anything Else deabting room by Everret Citizen Entitled Jesus was a Socialist so why arent you? Posted for the benefit of a Christian Right dude.

: Oh? from where did you dig this factiod up?

The exact reference is comming up.

: Talk to the survivors of those depravities about reality.

Why? What has that to do with anything? Why dont you go to Meca or the Wailing Wall and talk to the victims of Christian Crusades?

: : I have no idea what you mean by this pointless rant.
: Somehow I didn't think you would. Oh well....

Maybe because it's pointless?

: : Waste of Space that's you that is.

: Hey, the ink is free, what the hey!!

The ink is free? Are you living in a Socialist Republic or something? I think you'll find in Capitalism it is supplied at no extra cost, nothing is free in Capitalism.

: : : : Maybe this will create some debate.
: : : Maybe pigs fly.

: : What do you mean by this? It appears to me like nothing short of complete agreement with your opinions amounts to debate everything else is brainwashing or as you call it "Wrong headedness", I await the day when you grow a brain and discover the ability to debate.


And you have the nerve to call me a moron, get an education trailer trash.

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