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Just shut up!

Posted by: McCREW ( Sean McManus, Australia ) on February 09, 1999 at 19:41:23:

If you are one of those stupid people who never stop saying that McDonald's, Burger King and KFC should be ashamed of themselves for killing animals, you have got to be the most
person I have ever met!

You are telling us that those fast food giants are solely killing animals, when your local butcher, restaurant and cafe are!
Where would you be without McDonald's, Burger King or KFC???
It's a place where you get a quick bite to eat, for your kids to play in the playground for free, and you are offered FREE refills and VIP cards and vouchers!
NOT a place to be totally ashamed of killing animals.
PLUS... there is NO WAY IN THE W O R L D that you can stop McD, BK or KFC from this, because they are too big of a corporation.

Just a message to those morons!

McSpotlight: It is also a place that "lowers the standards for workers employment in the catering industry", "pays low wages", "is culpably cruel of cruelty to animals", "exploits children" and uses "pester power" to exploit the influence children have over their parents; all of these are the statements of a representative of the British legal system sitting in judgement on McDonald's.

For the record, _we're_ not trying to shut McDonald's up; they have tried to shut up any opinion they don't agree with. Which is closer to the principles of democracy?

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