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i luv residents of katoomba and newtown!

Posted by: charmy girl ( sydney city of Olympic bribery and corruption, but i love my city :) ) on March 22, 1999 at 13:15:53:

In Reply to: Hamburgers or real estate? posted by Ray on March 22, 1999 at 12:33:24:

why??...because....the Newtown McDonald's closed down (whole lotta better restaurants in King Street!). no one bothers to eat bland food when a plethora of international cuisine awaits them on the cosmopolitain, bohemian cornucopia which is King street!!!! yay! :)
...i luv katoombarrrens because.... Katoomba residents opposed the opening of a McDonald's in their misty, mountainous sanctuary... thank Cartman for that...because they WON the fight!!! oh joyous day!! i think there's about 50km radius w/o macca's there...snugfit between blackheath and lithgow. they're safe there...

mcd's sux

btw, i KNOW this is irrelevant to the discussion but, these bands/artists rule:
regurgitator, powderfinger, the superjesus, tim rogers and you am i and the twin set, snout, jebediah, ash, RADIOHEAD, jeff buckley, neil finn, the beatles, space, garbage, happyland, chopin, odds, cordrazine, chef, spiderbait and I bet none of them eat mcdonald's (note: this may be because some of them are dead). PS, I also gave up on KFC and Burger King. And Taco Bell. I only eat Oporto Portuguese Chicken (it's a Sydney thang), although it's expanding so fast with outlets in malls... so it might turn into a...*gulp* oh.... *sigh*... I cannot bear to think about its future!! I'm a member of the Oporto customer feedback group and I get a food voucher every fortnight if i tell them how good/bad their service is. (:

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