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Dammit! stand up for yourself!

Posted by: Paranoid Ghost ( Canada, B.C. ) on May 21, 1999 at 19:52:13:

In Reply to: 'Paranoid' - a classic metal tune by Black Sabbath. posted by Mike Bacon on May 21, 1999 at 12:00:03:

: PG, what's up with all this, eh?!! It's not gonna make any difference to your stomach! The real McCoy couldn't take all the heat those lights on the set dish out.

Yes?...well I don't want to see something which McRubbish has no intention of selling! Why do they not include an afterward message in all those commercials and pictures which might read: "What you see before you is a bold faced, outright lie!" Hmmm? do they fear the truth? All products should be showen as they really are. I disagree with misrepretation of anything.

And when has advertising not embellished appearances of the products being pitched (or in the case of food, its necessary decoys because of the heat)?

Fuck the heat!...There is a wonderful invention called "Air conditioning."

: Our courts and yours too I'm sure have enough on their dockets. And I have enough serious issues to deal with, including a real job with real responsibility, which I will not take unnecessary time off from for such bullshit nonsense.

You consider False advertising to be "bullshit nonsense"? Don't tell me that McRubbish is not guilty of Misleading it's customers with all those pretty,over sized pictures. I want my damm food pictured as it really is!...

The only one I'd like to sue right now if I could ever find him is the asshole who snagged my pickup's rear bumper then sped off, leaving me to have to buy a new one with my own money.

Sue???...why? If you find the bastard, chain him to a tree and torment the prick with a cattle prod...Or even worse, Force him to eat McRubbish crap!!

: Finally, are you also pushing for government action? If so, then that's also ridiculous. The less government does, the better off we'll all be. Just let it go, and get over it.

No. I will not get over it. I really do feel that everything which is for sale should be presented as it really is. If only everyone would stand up and say: "I want my burger excatly as it is pictured"!!!

P.S. Yea...Paranoid is a GREAT song. Black Sabbath is back!

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