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Back to basics The CLOWN and Mcnasty's

Posted by: David Peal ( Usa ) on May 25, 1999 at 11:22:37:

Let us not get off the subject of the false advertizing and the wrath of the clown. Some of the writers forgot where they came from and our speaking about social problems and subject matter not even close to the inhumane activities of one Ray krook. I stumbled into a Mcnasty's and to my surprise the warming bin didn't have 37 sandwiches in the steel tray. I ordered a box of cookies and a quarter punder for my dog and presto it was done in 1.6 minutes. I ask all you brain surgens out there, tell me how one can cook a 100% beef burger in 1.6 minutes. I broke off a small piece and it seemed to have been pre-cooked and heated in somewhat of a hurridly manner. Fortunately my dog didn't know the difference from this (FRESH) burger and the you he gets that has been sitting for 22 minutes. I like the ones that used to sit in the plastic boxes and shed water after about 28 minutes the best. The biggest joke of the restuarant industry is the public eats the product and comes back for more!! I am doing a master degree paper on the eating habits of the American youth and try to study why young people like poor quality. Krook had it down when he was more concerned with clean windows and floors than with proper product presentation. Quality was not one of his strong points as EVERYONE knows. I would appreciate all information on Why people eat this inferior product and How this Palace became so successful with nothing to offer except leading advertising. I guess this proves the power of ADVERTISING!!

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