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McGonagall Lives!

Posted by: Nick M ( UK ) on September 16, 1999 at 20:31:37:

In Reply to: A little thought provoker posted by Johan Husty on September 14, 1999 at 01:52:34:

: I have submitted this to a number of magazines, I hope they will print it. I showed it to a friend in publishing who said that it had potential!

: Hope you like it too!

: P.S: please don't copy it, It could be worth something to me. (spiritually that is!)

: Life is really nice,
: Full of herbs and spice,
: Grown fresh in a line,
: Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme,
: Veggies grown too,
: potato, carrots and tomatoo,
: Cook 'em all in a pot,
: tell you what I'll scoff the lot!
: Mcdonalds processed rubbish,
: cannot provide the same roughage,
: I love fresh fresh food,
: fit and healthy in mind and mood,
: Lentils, Pasta, rice and wheat,
: mix 'em well what a treat,
: free range, milk eggs and butter,
: that's better the cows mutter,
: veggie lives are the best,
: we can live without the rest,
: meat and death not for us,
: life and living what a buss.

: Kind Regards,
: JH

McGonagall Lives!

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