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I am a little angry...

Posted by: Colin ( SA ) on October 16, 1999 at 12:14:18:

I am your average 17 year old male. I go to school full tim, wrestle and pratice Tae Kwon Do part time and I also WORK AT McDONALD'S!!!!!!! I am What you would all a McManger, or Crew Trainer. I've Worked at this store for 2 years now. And I likeit a lot. Sure I ge my share of crazy Customers, crazy Crew People, and Crazy Happnings, but what's work with out it's excitment good times and bad? do think soe stereotypes are wrong. (At least at "My McDonald'The Crew is very smart where I work. Most end up leaving after high school to go on to
all sorts of two and four year collages. The reason that The crew acts “dumb” is because
we are possibly drained of energy after a long day, and quite often the customers don’t
know what they want!!! The crew trys to under stand what they are saying, but it
sometime’s make little sense. “I’d like a um.....five minutes later...number....four...with
out onion and a um........yet another five minutes..a nugget kids meal.” “And What to
drink” “ohh, ummm.”.....yet another...... “and nugget sause with that?” “ohhh...”

You see that it is sometimes maddining. But don’t get me wrong I love my customers:)
They never fail to make me laugh.

Well the other day I noticed a Bullten on or annoucnment board in the Manager's Office. It as your average info who o call if PETA shows up,ow to dea ith media, crew, customers, ect. Well reading this I decide to be educated just incase The protestors show up. I was angry of what I found. Don't get me wrong, I don't everything. But I know I don't "prod, beat, electrocute of knive" animalsbefore I cook them.

Well I Could Go on, butI Have to go to work tomarrow.

McSpotlight: You haven't quite made the source of your anger clear, though; are you angry with the meat industry, which does prod, beat, electrocute and knife animals prior to death (the intensive method of production coupled with the "stun-kill" method of slaughter); or are you angry with the protestors who (probably) implied that you were helping the process along...?

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