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And you make me ill.

Posted by: MDG on February 10, 19100 at 01:16:57:

In Reply to: I'm sorry for you!!! posted by Lars on February 09, 19100 at 23:20:39:

: MDG,

: "You asshole", "Fuck you, Lars.", "like certain Swedish meatballs", and so on... You must have eaten something bad!

What can I say? When confronted with an obstinate fool like yourself, the insults flow freely.

: You seem to be very vell educated, at least they (your school, your parents, who knows?) taught you to be nice and friendly. I represent the most people in the western world, the meat eaters. Who do you represent? The devil? Your nice ways gives a good clue!

What is wrong with you? Are you saying that because a majority does something, it is therefore right? At one point most whites believed they could enslave blacks; did that make it right? (please spare yourself embarrasment and don't answer that).

: The most people in the western world eat meat.

So what? Slavery, male chauvism, many things were once the norm. Times change. It's called progress (there will always be holdouts, though, like you, Lars).

:In the poorer world, the most people who can afford to, eat meat.

Again, so what? This proves nothing, and is certainly not an argument against why it is better to be kind to animals rather than kill them, or why meat production is destroying the environment (particularly in poorer parts of the world, where forests are chopped down to make cheap meat for dunces like you to chow down on).

:That is true! So I am surely not alone thinking that it is okey to slaughter animals.

Sadly, you are not alone, but one day that hopefully will change, despite people like you.

: You seem to be surprised that there is people like me.

Are you kidding? Human beings murder, torture, rape, and steal from each other, so I'm not surprised that there are also people who laugh at cruelty to animals. Like I said, there will always be your kind in this world, but your kind will never be right.

:There are many of us, actual more than of your kind (at least in the western world). I am happy for that!

Good for you, Lars! You don't care that animals suffer for the sake of your damned tongue, or that meat eating is unhealthy, or that it ruins the environment! Happy, happy Lars!

:Are you not used to that a normal person like me argue back?

Most normal people give a damn...and then there's Lars.

:It doesn't seem so.

I'm surrounded by meat eaters, but you're one of the worst I've encountered.

: I'm sorry for you! // Lars

I don't give a damn what you think of me, meatball. Eat your meat, choke on it for all I care.

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