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Ronald Mc Donald, dosn't he look like a Nazi?

Posted by: Benjamin ( HEMP- Help End Marijuana Prohibition, The United States of America ) on February 05, 1997 at 21:47:34:

Ronald McDonald has red all over his shirt from the animals he
has SLAIN. The Egg McMuffin is a disgusting creation in itself.
First, you have a pefectly good biscut. Then they put a unborn,
dead, CHICKEN on the biscut along with a slice of ham from a PIG.
Next, they put on the chesse, and that justifies the dead CHICKEN
and PIG? I don't think so. The HAMBURGLER is an image that I
despise and yet reminds me of the food chain itself. He is garbed
in a criminal cloak and takes everybody's things. Kind of IRONIC,
wouldn't you think?

Benjamin, HEMP member

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