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Who were the real winners?

Posted by: Paul Nicholls ( lawyer (not involved in the case), UK ) on June 20, 1997 at 10:58:56:

Great victory eh? Well, not really.Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing and should certainly be protected, but, let's be realistic - McDonalds were awarded damages and were the "winners" as far as the court were concerned when giving Judgment.

Who were the real winners then? Take a guess - who do you think pocketed 10,000,000.00 in legal fees? Feel free to contact me if you have a spare 10,000,000.00!!!

I've got no truck with McDonalds, I don't like their food personally and really couldn't care less if you do or don't.

You might say that McDonalds "lost", but, with respect,apart from a few comments from Mr Justice Bell's summary that ran to 45 pages in relation to low wages Morris and Steel were Ordered to pay damages and spend two and a half years in Court. Funny victory!

On the other hand it's true to say that the legal costs (estimated) would buy 5,434,782 Big Macs but do you really think they care? Small change (or small fries!) for a company that spends much, much more each year on advertising.

Ten years on people will say Dave and Helen who? and they'll probably be saying it over a Chicken Burger at the local McDonalds.

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