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Posted by: Luke Kuhn ( Utopian Anarchist Party, United Snakes ) on June 28, 1997 at 04:55:00:

One thing all of us need to remember is this: If you have no legally verifiable wages, and no intention of working a straight job (whose wages could be garnished) and do not own reasonably saleable assets over your country's bankruptcy minimum (usually $3000 in the USA), you are IMMUNE TO CIVIL SUITS! Under these circumstances someone could sue you for as much as they want-and win-but to Court would not be allowed to take ONE PENNY of the assets you DO own. Needless to say, income from such activities as prostitution, pot dealing, and so forth, is also impossible for the court to even find, much less seize. Just keep any large amounts from such activities(deposits of, say, tens to hundreds of thousands) in a Swiss or other secure bank or buried in the ground.

As I own nothing that can be legally seized, McMaggots can "Kiss my Sharries" as the boys in Clockwork Orange would say! They can sue if they want, but the only reason I would even show up in court is to drag THEM through the mud. Also, in the U.S. I think corporations are not allowed to sue for libel-only for trademark infringement, so I would win anyway if they messed with me here. As for foreign country suits, I would not waste the plane fare to show up.

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