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tarnished and badly thought through argument

Posted by: Paul Nicholls ( UK ) on July 01, 1997 at 10:35:20:

In Reply to: Judgement proof posted by Luke Kuhn on June 28, 1997 at 04:55:00:

Re: Judgement proof

ummm....bit of a tarnished and badly thought through argument old boy.

I think the Bailiff may seize your computer equipment don't you think?

If and when you can be bothered to work (and if you have a legitimate reason not to I apologize) the court would order an attachment of earnings Order (certain monies would be ordered from your pay packet at regular intervals). Garnishee proceedings could be Ordered to freeze and rifle your bank accounts.

Your credit scoring would be damned, and, if you continued to defy any restraining Order of the Court post Judgment you would be imprisoned for contempt.

Under English law the Court has no effective 'bar' to sieze assets save for bedding and limited tools of the trade.

I honestly think that there may be some legitimate arguments for and against McD's and I'm entirely neutral, but, let's face it when radicals who openly sneer at authority and stick two fingers up to society harp on like you they hardly do their cause well..in fact they positively damage it!

Paul UK

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