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It looks like Lang's wife needs a break today

Posted by: Quincunx on November 17, 1997 at 15:22:01:

In Reply to: your cold cynicism... posted by Lang's wife on November 15, 1997 at 23:52:27:

Lang's Old Lady: Your cold cynicism sends chills up my spine (but what can you expect from a convict like yourself).

Qx: What's so cynical about campaigning against McDonald's? Perhaps I see and advocate an alternative while you roll over and don't even question corporate domination. Your sense of justice is what sends chills up the spine of a lot of people when you have to fall back on catch-all words like "convict". Not very bright Mrs.Lang. Especially observing the conservatism of so many Asians who take a passive attitude and attain positions of influence by identifying with oppressors and voting Republican.Just an observation that you should take note of and start questioning.

Lang's Old Lady:You would have made a successful executive with this kind of crappy attitude; thank god they locked you up instead. As for McD's executives, they deserve to be locked up alongside miserable scum like youself.

Qx: You are about as incoherent in your condemnations as you are in figuring out what side I'm on. Now look at China's human rights record and pick out some ruling official to replace those McDonald's executives. They will surely be just as conscientious about human rights and starvation as you or Mr. Lang are.Which leaves me out of the running when considering who's who in climbing up McD's corporate ladder.

Since I don't expect any constructive thoughts or postings to come out of you since you evidently lost your composure and typed your emotional outburst on-line this time you should just read all the postings here instead.

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