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Posted by: SHAUN ( LILY, AUSTRALIA ) on February 10, 1999 at 13:16:24:

There is no point debating wether mcdonalds is bad or good,what we should be doing is working out if we need companies like mcdonalds,coca cola,pepsi co.,kfc, tacobell etc.
these companies do destroy large amounts of rain forest,breed and kill live stock,for own usage and exploit not only workers , children and the egos of lazy parents but the true meaning of what humans belive in.We sit hear all day debating that mcdonalds is good or bad, but we will always come up whith is a liquid question , while we debate on the internet, mcdonalds is opening a new store,while we sit hear arguing the facts , more and more poeple ar becoming suseptible to the false addvertising.
coca cola uses santa clause as a mascot, mcdonalds uses a clown, kfc uses kernol senders(not shore on speeling)what do thses symbols reprasent to you? what do they mean?THINK ABOUT IT!
I admire helen and david for there great effort in trying to let the rest of the world know "whats wrong with mcdonlads"maybe cokes next.
We also have to remember that if a company called TRICON GLOBAL RETURANTS (which is pepsi co company) owns pizzahut,kfc and tacobell,what does coke own(you can not buy pepsi from mcdonalds)
nore can you buy coke from kfc!)

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