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Childrens advertising.

Posted by: Kalvin Chapman ( UK ) on June 10, 1999 at 17:01:01:

His Hon. Mr. Justice Bell ruled that McDonalds exploit children through advertising. McDonalds responded by saying that the problems brought up in the trial are an industry problem, not McDonalds'! I find that rather disgusting.
The Court of Apppeal ruled that a diet high in McDonalds food is linked with heart disease. At the trial McDonalds Vice President for Marketing and advertising, and Paul Preston, the then Head of McD's Europe, all said that they view children as potential long term customers. That means that they would like children to eat their food long term, hence putting their health at serious risk.

The ITC (The commission that is there to ITC that they don't!!!) said that they are not going to stop McDonalds from carrying on advertising, as they had not broken any rules.

HOWEVER! Due to the ruling at the Court of Appeal, I think that you will now find that McDonalds have broken rules. In the rules governing advertising to children, a company may not use advertisments that will put a child in physical, mental or moral danger. I believe that persuading children to have a long term diet high in McDonalds food is putting their health at an unacceptable risk. I also believe that it is putting them in moral danger.

I would like to ask every one who believes this to write to their MP, demanding McDonalds be stopped from advertising, and then to write to the ITC. Put the compliant in writing, email them, put it on their web site. If enough people complain, something will be done.

Write to McDonalds telling them why you believe that their advertising is wrong.

Remember, in many countries, advertising to children AT ALL is banned. Lets start trying to protect our children!!!

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