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A correction to a point or 2

Posted by: Mike Sprout ( Canada (Deficit Free!) ) on February 26, 1998 at 10:29:03:

In Reply to: A point or 2 posted by BASE727(mad cow patrol) on February 22, 1998 at 23:37:24:

: BASE727; Mike B & Mike S. now lets see here.

: Mike B you must be a very trusting individual when it comes to your pay . The mess in the order of the stocking of article and the damaged
: products may lie in the fault of every one from the bosses right down to
: the employees to the customers .What do you want for low wages.
: It's a good idea NOT to be a backstabber because it may fall back on
: you someday.
: Mike S.

Now H.B.Co. bought Zellers & K-Mmart as for the union in W-Mart we have two (2) W-Marts in Windsor one is unionzed and one isn't O.K. these were not built from scratch these are former Woolco Stores and what is making the problems is the former long time Woolco workers .In the non union store the are playing every mind game happy to work here stunt you can imagine , if you cant see through stuff of this nature there is something wrong!

(1) Zellers has always been owned ny Hudsons Bay co.

(2) The Wal Mart in Windsor that is unionized is unionized despite the employees

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