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it was not always owned by them.

Posted by: BASE727(mad cow patrol) ( Windsor Ont. Can. ) on February 27, 1998 at 09:54:47:

In Reply to: A correction to a point or 2 posted by Mike Sprout on February 26, 1998 at 10:29:03:

Mike S

: (1) Zellers has always been owned ny Hudsons Bay co.

: (2) The Wal Mart in Windsor that is unionized is unionized despite the employees

BASE727(m.c.p. James) As for the point of Zellers being owned by H.B.Co. it was not always owned by them .It was founded by Walter P. Zeller .Now for the union at W-Mart a MAJORTY of the workes voted for it but not a large majority i wish i still had all my stats in front of me so i can give exact figures , and for the few who don't like the union they should transfer to the other store.One more thing you didnt answer my thid paragraph in a "point or 2" now this one isnt to tough for you Mike S. . Well i said my peace for the day G'day Eh.

James BASE727(m.c.p.)

p.s. Mike B. maybe you have an answer to my third paragraph in "a point or 2"?

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