- McJobs and Workers -


Posted by: ruth on May 29, 1998 at 16:02:57:

All you cry babies out about unions ,why don't you leave it along.
McDonalds is and always a starting point for those of you who never had a job.I is for teaching new skills.Working with other people,dealing with other people.Is apparent that all of you who are complaing should get oof the pot and find something else.You are taking up a slot that someone could be working.TEENS TODAY DON'T WANT TO WORK FOR THEIR MONEY THEY WANT IT TO BE HANDED TO THEM,WHILE OTHER CREW ARE BUSTING THEIR BUTTS ON THE JOB AND WORK HARD TO GET PAID AND TO GET AHEAD.

GET A LIFE YOU GUYS .mCdonalds never had you sign a contract that says you are here for life.Move on to something else there is always someone else who will take your place.

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