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International Boycott of McDonalds *READ*

Posted by: Bryan Drapp ( McDonalds Macedonia, USA ) on July 03, 1998 at 09:47:02:

My name is Bryan Drapp. I orgainized the 5 day strike that took place on easter sunday. As you probably know Jamal Nickens and I got fired for trying to unionize McDonalds. Then McDonalds used guerilla tactics such as flying 95 corporate people to stop the union, and defacing mine and my friends good name. I ask everyone to join Jamal and I to boycott all the McDonalds. The picket will start on July 12. If anyone has any questions or comments about anything having to do with McDonalds feel free to email me at Bry153@aol.com. If we all join together we can take McDonalds down.

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