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Solidarity comrades - keep the red flag flying !

Posted by: The Trolley Dollies ( Northern Ireland ) on July 21, 1998 at 09:36:26:

In Reply to: we DID make an impact by getting media attention on this subject posted by Jason Adams on July 17, 1998 at 09:23:53:

: McDonalds' workers expressed interest in every city that participated so far as I know. In Louisville, off of the clock workers wanted to join the picket but were told by management that if they did they would be fired.

So far as you know...

: Sure, but we DID make an impact by getting media attention on this subject, and by getting people to think about worker's rights to organize. Were you out there on the line?

No, we were too busy oppressing the workers in our stores, and trampling all over their human rights.

: Are you a multiple split personality or what? Many carloads of customers turned around and honored the picket rather than eating
: at the McDonald's. And anyway why should you be so sure - youre in Ireland for crying out loud.

They were probably intimidated by the picket. Who wants all that hassle just for a burger ?

And what has being in Ireland got to do with anything ? Do you mean the Irish are too stupid to have an informed opinion ? Or maybe we're too lazy, therefore can't be classed as workers. Or maybe you mean we're too busy shooting each other to care about anything else.Please explain your comment.

: I am not trying to convince anyone to do anything personally.

Why not, if taking action (eg pickets) is what you believe in ?

I am only trying to stand up for workers right to organize without being fired. This is as much for me as it is for anyone else!

So why do you keep saying "solidarity" ? Isn't that fighting talk - let's all stand together on this one brothers ? You approach doesn't match up for someone on a personal crusade !

: Please, what motive do we have for self publicity? We are a non-profit union.
Out of our entire membership we only have ONE person who is paid anything (and its a modest wage at that).

So low wages are justified then if the cause is P.C. enough ???

: You're also pretty wrong about people sticking their necks out on behalf of the crew. Many of the people on the picket lines were not IWW members, but people who came out to show their support.

It's all very well to raise awareness, and show support, but if the McDonald's crew are busting to be unionized, like you believe they are, give them real constructive help to do it. It's no good waving a few banners around for one day. Set the bloody union up for them if they want it so muh. Give them the tools to do the job, don't just waste your time going on about what a good idea it is, and how scandalous it is that the company are squashing it.

Solidarity, (but this is as much for me as it is for anyone else....)

The Trolley Dollies

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