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Corporate Sycophants: Drop Your Drawers! Just for a Career!

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on July 29, 1998 at 09:58:25:

In Reply to: Pseudo intellectuals - drop your guard, just for a minute. posted by The Trolley Dollies on July 27, 1998 at 10:17:25:

: : Qx: Uh oh...you really bit off a bit too much. Welcome to reality. The world is bigger than Northern Ireland

DT: You've lost the plot when you come off with crap like that ! And we don't need YOU to welcome us to reality, thankyou very much. Maybe we should be offering YOU the invitation...

Qx: Actually, that's hardly the case. You showed off your ignorance and seem to be quite proud of it. Besides..there is no admissions door at Reality.
DT: Look, if you really find us SO tiresome, fine. It's just, well, we don't agree the way you go about things.

Qx: Great! Then realize that corporate courtesans are rarely agreeable to anything outside of their narrow visions.

DT: If you don't want to talk about it, we'll leave you alone to get on with life on planet IWW.

Qx: Go for it. Planet IWW happens to be planet Earth. Hope you get familiar withit as life goes on.

Qx: After all, it's a much better thing to fight for workplace democracy than to engage in rampant excursions into ethical subjectivism. Which is what you're doing.

DT: What you mean is, you want to butt out here because you can't be bothered to discuss with workers who have an opinion that doesn't match yours.

Qx: Of course you come close to shooting yourself in the foot but go ahead and kneecap yourself. I doubt very much that you're really giving anybody here an informed opinion and rather I detect some really virulent coll that could make anyone upchuck at the porcelain receptacle.

DT: It kind of throws a spanner in the works doesn't it - us wage slaves daring to think in a way that doesn't agree with you.

Qx: Especially a scissorbill who hasn't even attempted to spoonfeed the masses any angel food with a set-down.

DT Surely ALL workers are oppressed - therefore we should all feel and react in the same way ?

Qx: While you're at the smilo joint take five with the tin horns and let the bosses do your bidding. Others will know better.

DT: Well you all react the same way

Qx: Bad generalization. Learn better tactics.

DT:- that our situation has contributed to our ignorance, and we should therefore be patronised for being so gulliblel.

Qx: The "patronized" part is more likely than not to be a product of your imagination more than anything based in real life.

DT: And then you create an "ism" to sum up the situation and try to reinforce your intellectual superiority.

Qx: Who me? I never created capitalism or it's miniature offshoot corporatism. I never even created communism or socialism. By the way, what intellectual superiority is there to enforce? Maybe you could go back to Damage Control Central and look at the drawing boards more carefully.

DT: You know, right the way through this site, we have never seen any kind of respect from you lot at IWW for the ideas, opinions and experiences of people who don't fall into your neat black and white ideologies.

Qx: Then you definitely haven't been doing much reading. In case you have it's quite obvious you read into our postings with a biased viewpoint in the first place. So much for clean slates.

DT:If you got on a level with people, instead of adopting the ivory tower mentality all the time,

Qx: Oooh not too good here DT. Your guesswork is rather splodgey to say the least.

DT: you might not alienate so many of us,

Qx: DTs are truly workers who are curious about the world and life in general? I think not. Not when DT likes alienated labour and wishes us to do the same. So much for the "alienation" finger-pointing.

DT: and be more successful in your aims.

Qx: One of which is too confront and expose scissorbill arguments and show tyhem to the world for what they are. Peddlers of the Pie in the Sky.

DT: All the flowery language and high minded concepts are not going to endear you to Joe Bloggs on the shop floor.

Qx: Hey! Get Joe Bloggs on-line will ya? we can refer him to our IWW branches in the UK. He's most likely very skeptical of the pollination sprayed out by mission stiffs.

DT: Your organisation is being crushed under the weight of 93 years of political dogma.

Qx: It is? It sure don't seem like it when we double in size in such a short span of time.

DT: You should be valuing the opinion of others and using it to alter and improve your approach to changing the situation of workers.

Qx: We do. You don't notice.

DT: There is more than one way to skin a cat,

Qx: And you're trying to tell someone who comes from a trapping tradition that you're more knowledgable of feline epidermal layers than others? Tell us of the diversity of your kittens.

DT: and although the class struggle is, in theory, the same the world over, peoples experiences of it are not.

Qx: Which is absolutely evident when you're simply catting in to McD's chinwhisker outfit.

DT: If you rather we didn't express an opinion, that's OK. Just think about what that means.

Qx: It means you didn't express your opinion. Which is typical of those who feel that all is jake. Not very intellectual but then again everybody's an intellectual. Whether one digs a ditch or (in your case) types out on behalf of McD's.

DT: If all you want us to do is admit defeat and crown you the intellectual heavyweight then sorry - we're not going to. We stand by OUR opinions, just like you do, and because you don't agree with us doesn't make our opinions any less worthy.

Qx: Yes, yes. I understand. McD's is a venerable institution built on the labour of wage slaves and that shouldn't be forgotten. Many a compelling argument has been spun out but you'll never beat us Wobblies. Get used to it. Even if you have to look up a dictionary of regional North American slang.

DT: If you're not too busy to get back to us by the next millenium, we'd love to hear from you.

Qx: What so heavy about eighteen months into the future? Are you expecting an economic meltdown?

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