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TD confesses all....!

Posted by: The Trolley Dolly / Dollies ( Northern Ireland ) on August 03, 1998 at 16:48:17:

In Reply to: DT could learn a lot from opening its mind posted by Quincunx on August 02, 1998 at 21:58:34:

: Qx: Let's not. I agree. It has such a dominant position that even McD's alone spends about 1.8 billion dollars a year to sell their image. It should be fun to calculate the sum of all corporate propaganda and then compare it to the vastly smaller amount spent by activists trying to fight for justice and democracy in the workplace. That's why the IWW and McSpotlight came along.

TD's - If the activists had the same resources, would they not use them in a similar way ? (We know this is hypothetical - it's just an observation )

: Qx: Don't accuse me of it. I wouldn't put it past this composite character going byb the name of Trollie Dollies to do such a thing on behalf of you know who. Look for the Nit Nurse postings dating back to about a ear and a half a go (this website) and it's exchanges with Siamak.

TD's Actually, we only started posting here when one of us bought a PC. And HOW MANY TIMES ? We don't post on behalf of you know who.

: Qx: I bet you do. Perhaps you can collaborate with them on avalanching these debating rooms with pro-capitalist, pro-McDonald's swill.

TD's - Erm, excuse us for pointing this out, but you "avalanche" as much of your own propaganda here as we do ! And our points of view are hardly likely to drown out everyone else - there's only a few of us who dare speak out !

: G: though I have questions about them. (How many of them are there?
: : Two? Their use of the pronoun "we" is somewhat confusing - are
: : they a loving couple? Roommates? Business partners? Which one
: : of them writes the messages, and shouldn't that person take credit?
: : Generally "we" is only acceptable for "editors, kings and folks with
: : tapeworms", as the great working class writer Mark Twain put it.)

: Qx: Pretty irrelevent if you ask me. If they really are that sincere they would have fessed up a little ways back.

OK. OK. OK. It's confession time. Ready for it ?

The Trolley Dollies were two at the start. But only one of us owns the "means of production". Most of the time, there is only one person - me. But every now and again, we join forces and entertain ourselves with a gin and tonic each and collaborate. Although the majority of these posts are down to one individual, I still use the we for consistency, and of course to honour our glorious leader, gawd bless 'er, the Queen. (not).

There is, however, a very good reason for not using my real name. Northern Ireland is a small place, and I would be too easily identified. I'm sure you can appreciate that Qx. But how am I to post in future ?
As the Trolley Dolly ? All suggestions considered.

Now hopefully you will realise that the opinions here are not from some McDonald's PR person (like that twat Fellini, if he is for real) Is it now possible for you to put your suspicions of us away and debate with us (I can't get used to speaking in the singular ) on a level ? I'd appreciate it.

: Qx: OK. Go ahead and try selling the image of managerial elites as working people. It's all a part of corporate newspeak featured in so many new managerial theories derived from cross-pollinated and half-baked theories.

TD's: We have our own prblems with McDonald's, but it's different when you work for a franchisee.

: Qx: Conspicuous consumerism with all the incongruenty is the order of the day. Just last night I saw a program that highlighted the use of Gandhi's image to sell all sorts of ephemeral playtoys and sexy garments. Waking up to this sort of thing is a stepping stone to breaking out of the cookie cutter consumer mold. It'll take time.

TD I think it will take a lot more than time. People like being consumers. It's all they've known. They've grown up with it. How are you going to replace it ? I'm not saying it's right, but it's the way it is !


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