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Texas can swallow the truth...

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on September 01, 1998 at 00:34:26:

In Reply to: accepted as truth posted by Mike Bacon on August 28, 1998 at 00:33:01:

..and shove it 'til it comes out straining for birth as a re-incarnated

MB: C'mon, man! Get off that "sycophant" shit!!!

Qx: Tough shit bub. I won't and if you can accept that some people are sycophants, courtesans , brown-nosers then you can accept that guy is posting as gospel truth and tell me about the Bible.

MB: McD Worker is right!

Qx: McD Worker is wrong but with the delicate window dressing of feigned reasonableness. Kinda like a good ol' boy.

MB: Not all average Joes are miserable and grumpy at their work.

Qx: I know that so if you think I look at all workplaces in that light then your wrong but then again if some people complain about the working conditions at McD's you have to post a reply that any straw boss on a plantation would love. There's a problem there. Maybe it's because the Sixties never happened in Texas. Your sympathies with authority figures is evidence enough.

Often enough you've told people who complain that they can always get another job somewhere else. Well, King George III said that Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson could move to another country if they didn't like his style of governance. You're using George the Third's logic and consistently at that.

MB: This guy's postings are sincere,

Qx: Oh really? How can you tell?

MB: and I can tell that he's not reciting lines like a zombie in a trance.

Qx: Very good. So can I. It's well spun spin and with added coaching like that he could be writing editorials for business magazines in no time at all. Perhaps you just think he genuine because you agree. That's the most likely truth to this.

MB: I can't believe that people with the opposing view are always being accused of being brainwashed or kissing up to "The Man".

Qx: Always? Geez give us a count and a statistical analysis to back up that generalization.

MB: Furthermore, if McDonald's and other big corporations have so much "influence" over politics, then how come have both Houses here in the States been under liberal Democrat control for so many years?

Qx: Man oh man. You need to read Noam Chomsky before you come by with that again.

MB: The so-called "evil" tobacco companies are a good example. Their supposed "influence" didn't stop the cigarette machines from getting banned, nor did it halt the politicians from passing the UNCONSTITUTIONAL "No TV or Radio ad" laws back in the 70's. The First Amendment was forgotten on that one. {My 16-year-old niece recently got fined because she was caught with cigarettes.}

Qx: If you want to apologize for the tobacco companies then you should go and take that argument to OTHER MULTINATIONALS. As far as your niece getting fined for tobacco possession that's been going on in Texas for a long time. Maybe she should engage in civil disobedience or is that something that Texas never learned about while it hibernated during the Sixties?

MB: Getting back to McDonald's employees, should only the Jamals and Bryans' stories be accepted as truth?

Qx: What kind of question is that? Did I, Jamal or Bryan ever claim to have a monopoly on the truth? I don't think so. Before you ask that question again maybe you should tell me the difference between Plato and Socrates and their views on the truth.

"Here I sit.
Buns a-strainin'.
Givin' birth to another Texan."

- ubiquitious bathroom graffitti in the USA

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