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Posted by: Mike Bacon ( ZZ Top for Prez, Cheap Sunglasses Party, USA ) on October 16, 1998 at 11:10:49:

In Reply to: Actually that was 3 words, freind. posted by Ronald McReagan on October 14, 1998 at 19:45:42:

: Why is it that every time people on the opposite side of what Mike Bacon believes speak their mind, he accuses them of being "ornory" or whatever? If you don't wanna debate then get the hell out of here! This is a debating room, not tea time. Rap sessions truly are a tool of management to keep workers in their place, because it is on their terms not ours. With a union, it is on our terms. In other words,we bargain, we don't beg. How do you feel about begging Mike, you think that is a dignified way for a person to relate to another person?

: Ronald.

MB replies:

Ron, I think I did bring up a good debating point or at least I attempted to. A lot of us here will be the first to admit that we are not the most polished when it comes to communications skills, but we try our best.

Anyway, what I was saying or trying to say was that while it may very well be true that the boys in Oak Brooke intended rap sessions as a means of employee "control" it doesn't necessarily mean the franchise owners are practicing that also. And to respond to Qx's question, my use of "good effect" means that based on the postings by McD Worker, Shaun, and Julie, rap sessions, or open communications, whatever term you choose, are properly used, not abused, and positive outcomes benefitting both sides are actually achieved. And Qx, the reason I brought up Mildred and her DQ was that your posts seem to indicate you view all managers and owners in the same light, as greedy, exploitative sons-a-bitches. I'm saying there are owners I've met and read about that don't come close to meeting that indicated perception.

And Ron, the "ornory" part I brought up in reference to Qx is due to his strong response to Bengt, and his flaming posts to Trolly Dolly, Julie, McD Worker, Shaun, and others. McSpot got on him harder than I did, actually I just cracked a tasteless joke. Go down a few threads, and you might catch his flame wars with Mike Sprout.

In closing, I believe I did the best job I could at debating the topic without attacking the person.

Chill out!


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