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One of the things you should not due

Posted by: Sherry D. ( Kansas City, MO ) on November 12, 1998 at 12:56:09:

In Reply to: Re: Teen with question about hiring posted by Julie-The Gruntled Generation on November 10, 1998 at 04:11:42:

: Hey Joe,

: what you should do is wear something presentable and go in during an off-peak period. One thing you should never do is call or visit for an application during lunch. The next thing to do is ask to speak to the manager AFTER you have filled out the application. If the person is polite and I am not busy Ill usually do the interview right then. Also after turning in your application call a few times and check on the status of your application.

: Julie

One of the things you should not due. Is go through Drive Thru and pick up your application. I have had people do that! I doesn't give the right inpression. I usually think if the person is to lazy to get out of the car they are to lazy to work for me. I know someone out there is going to say I did not even that person a chance, but first impressions go along way. Remember that! Look nice, write nice and fill out your application completely. There is also two parts to the new applications, one you keep and one that you give back to the manager, take the correct part with you. It will show you actually pay attention and read what the application said.

: : I am 16 years old, and live in a small town. A few miles away there is a McDonalds. It has been there for 2 years and I have freinds who work there and they say it is not as bad as everyone says. How do I go about getting hired at McDonalds? Do I walk in and ask for an application, or talk to the manager? If anyone could help or has any tips, I would appreciate it. Thanks

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