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their profits are the product of your work

Posted by: Charlie Hoyt ( Labor Party, USA ) on November 13, 1998 at 21:47:51:

In Reply to: in time the raises will come posted by nancy on November 12, 1998 at 12:53:26:

: do you wonder why the pay is so bad?? if you are stealing the food then you are taking away from the profits of the individual store and the company and are therefore taking away the money that can be used for raises. also, there are a lot of employees at each mcdonald's and they need to pay everyone so it makes sense why they can't pay every person $9.00hr. in time the raises will come (as long as you do a good job) but if you don't like the pay you should get another job!

NOOOOO!!! you are wrong. You are talking as though the capitalists who own McDonalds are your friends, they are not. The "profits" you are talking about do not belong to McDonalds, they are merely wages that the workers are not paid. Profit is money, earned by workers, through their work. This money is stolen. It is stolen by being kept from the workers. Every cent McDonalds owns is made by your own hands and mind, then stolen away and called profit. The argument that McDonalds can't pay their workers enough money to live on because they have too many people to pay is not adequate. All the workers who work there are making money for the company by getting the money they make stolen. The only way you can get that money back is by ORGANIZING! The only way,unfortunately, to get YOUR money back is to threaten the company that you won't work until you get enough money to live on. But remember, profit is not the company's, it is the product of the work of you and your fellow workers.

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