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Yes, We are organizing a McUnion

Posted by: Eric ( IWW, usa ) on May 17, 1999 at 13:08:05:

Finally, we may be having a go at tackling this greasy oppressive monster. We have been making some pretty good headway into organizing a McDonald's in the lower 48. Almost immediately management began their attempt at buying off people with a really sucky medical/dental insurance program, having captive meetings to discuss how "bad" unions are and how "disappointed" the owner was with us. sniff sniff.

In just a few days, with the most minimal of efforts, management was responding to this percieved threat. It was truly amazing what they would do to stop any organizing. The regional manager is now camped out in our town and they have bussed in workers from 50 miles away to cover shifts while holding closed mandatory meetings. (They own other stores in the area, but I guess the corporation decided to bring in outsiders that wouldn't question what's going on). They have begun to cut hours to workers that they suspect support the union drive, but have alienated their own supporters. They have also done more to spread word about they union than we had a chance too. Management makes the best organizers sometimes.

Management started lieing about what a union would do, expensive dues, outside intervention, even piss tests. LIES! We decided to go with the IWW.

If anyone is interested in creating their own organizing drive, please email me and I can either give you some info or get you in touch with someone near you that can help.

Driving a stake through the heart of McVampire,

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