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Managers and crew: a healthy relationship or dating disaster?

Posted by: McChick ( Canada ) on June 30, 1999 at 10:26:20:

IN an attempt to be open minded I listened patiently while a friend and fellow crew member discribed the terrors of being dumped by a manager. Although at our restaurant managers are forbidded to see crew outside of work McDick relationships happen all the time. One sleazy manager in particular has messed around with several crew aand while he's a nice guy I resent him for hurtingg my friends aand hitting on me. He's fairly young goodlooking and charming bbut has no respect for females on the whole. we discuss his outside of work relations frequently and he's just as bad in those situatons. So my question to you: should maanagers date crew in risk on favortism, ackwardness and decite? where do you draw the line?

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