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To all the poor dissiolusioned managers out there

Posted by: Aussie Maccas Chick ( Mcdonalds , Australia ) on July 28, 1999 at 18:05:47:

Whats wrong with all you managers and wanna be managers out there??? You work for burgers. You are surrounded by burgers.Your aim in life is to make a good burger.Burgers. Burgers. Burgers.You guys take them seriously!!ARE you guys warped or totoally desperate??? Do you realise that you work for 38 hours- on your feet stressed out, dealing with Mcshit- in reward for a paycheque that is equivalent to what a factory worker or a hospital cleaner recieves?? I don't get it!!Well I suppose that you dont need a education or an IQ in any of the above listed positions. There is nothing prestigious about being a burger flipping manager in a fast food store!! Certainly nothing to be proud of. It is DEGRADING AND EMBARRASING!!You can be a high school dropout and be a manager- you wouldnt see that happening in any other organisation. To all you people that have finally found a sense of belonging with being part of a "Mcfamily" (the term makes me want to throw up in a combination of disgust and pity) - Get a life and get some friends!!! So to all you managers and desperate-wanna-be-managers- Pull yourself out of the gutter and get a life and a real job!!!

ps. An example of a totoally uneducated manager - the other day one of my managers spelt syrup as "cerep"- Well there you go!!

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