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Working at McDonalds - my opinion

Posted by: Milena ( Australia ) on October 21, 1999 at 12:02:25:

I've been working at McDonalds here in Brisbane Australia for over two years now. I've never had another job because I am completely satisfied with what McDonalds provides me with and how they treat me.

Eg Because I'm doing my senior year at school, I asked if they would only give me one shift a week for about 4hrs and they happily did that. They happily give me a couple of weeks off at the end of terms so I can concentrate on my exams. During the holidays, I work there almost 40hrs a week sometimes so they treat me with respect and are extremely flexible. If I ever have a problem, I talk to my boss and it gets sorted out.

I've worked in two stores and my experience has been the same in both. It is an extremely friendly environment to work in and I love the people there. We've just (about 2 months ago) been given a pay rise and so now I'm receiving more than my peers that are working at a supermarket or something like that.

So from my experience, McDonalds is not a bad place to work at. I think though, that it probably varies from store to store, country to country and it really depends on the managers and your store owner. We are not treated badly at all, never have been, never will be where I'm at.

In conclusion, I think people need to judge McDonalds from their experience. I think it's a good place because they've treated me well. However, don't be so narrow minded. I'm open to the fact that in some places, crew might be treated badly and the working conditions are not ideal and obviously the store manager has got a problem which needs to be urgently addressed.

All I'm saying is that this world would fall apart if we didn't have fast food. McDonalds is just trying to meet the needs of those with a busy schedule. If you think that McDonalds is in the wrong, than you should blame all the fast food restaurant chains because it's not just McDonalds out there.

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