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It's a good job.

Posted by: Ryoshi ( Crew (Soon, CT), USA ) on February 01, 19100 at 11:31:57:

This message isn't addressed to everyone, just the people who can't get enough of complaining about their jobs:

The whole situation of 'uncovering' McD's (not Maccas, mind you) is ridiculous. These people have given you a job, and even pay you for it. What do you do to repay them then? Lie. For example, cockroaches don't live in the meat. Let's get real and honest now folks. That never happened. Another example is the 'live rats in the shake mix' load of crap. A rat can't survive in the shake mix. And then stories about managers making them use the shake mix. Come on. If someone reached a managerial position and got away with that, they don't have a job anymore, and are probably in jail.

Let's get real now. McDonalds is only out to serve folks good food that they like. People don't spit and ejaculate and put condoms on sandwiches. That's just wrong to accuse the good workers of that. We don't do such things, nor would ever think of doing them.

I'm a crew member, soon to be a crew trainer, in a USA McDonald's. I'm perfectly happy with my job, my pay, and actually have fun working with nice people, friends, and good managers. All I've got to say is that I'm tired of hearing 'McDonald's is a bad job' and 'there's rats in the food'. We work hard for our pay, and it really, really sucks when someone can sink as low as to say we'd put things in sandwiches to harm people. Wise up. No more 'disgruntled worker' crap, please. If you're that unhappy with what I think is a good, quality job, then please find yourself a new one.

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