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It's aussie slang so get over it.

Posted by: interupt ( Perth, Australia ) on February 23, 19100 at 12:44:51:

In Reply to: Oh God, where do I start with this one... posted by Ryoshi on February 22, 19100 at 21:33:25:

Thats funny, Most Americans I know love word play and taking respectable words and doing funny stuff with em. It's aussie slang so get over it.

: Ok. First off, McDonald's. We're going to repeat that like 50 times, ok? And then, after you're done with that, try as hard as you can to convince yourself it's not Maccas. McDonald's. Not Maccas, wherever the hell that word came from I don't want to know.

: : ok first off I'd like to say great story
: : i just finished watching the documentory on the TV o'er here and it ruled
I agree, McLibel:Two Worlds Collide was aired on SBS 8.30pm Monday as part of the Cutting Edge series. It was also previewed on JJJ the youth network of Australia. The documentary was solid, but no exceptionally made.

: Good for you. Proud to see you watch documentaries. Very educational stuff there.

: What the hell does this mean? We may never know.
It meant that in the documentary McDonalds was found culpably responsible for cruel practices. millions of unwanted chicks are gassed every day. The stunning process has evidence that it isnt always successful, so some of the animals are quite alive when McProcessing begins.

: Fuck. I hate that word 'maccas' too. I wish people would wise up and call the restaurant by it's real name and give some God damn respect to the workers. It's people like this that start all of the rumors and give McDonald's it's bad reputation.

Respect huh. would you like to know that last year in Australia there was a commision in youth wages review....and guess who complained that the min wage should be scrapped..Maccas. Lo and behold they rocked up to the commission and proudly told the senate hearings that wages should be directly linked to experience.

When a senator asked the McDude if he considered his staff incompetent...he haughtily replied no.

The senator then went on to say that if McDonalds crew weren't incompetent and wages should be linked to experience, why were McDonalds supervisors and Managers being paid less that check out chicks at Coles? ...he didnt have an answer for that one.

(Transcripts are available Im sure, but I dont know where, have to have a dig around I think)

: So, my question to you is so: Do you really have a reason for hating McDonald's? Obviously, you just said all of that in hopes of acceptance among the ranks of 'disgruntled workers'. Sorry. I won't put up with any of those people, and I don't appreciate posts like yours. Quit harassing a quality restaurant and find a different news board to flame and troll on.

Thats probably the fundamental difference between you and me (and possibly martin.) A quality restraunt is when you go in to a TASTEFULLY decorated restraunt

Greeted at the door.

Sat down

Asked to review a menu, not have to worry about the millions of people behind you chucking a snot because you can't decide.

Be able to talk to your friend or partner without incessant noise.

Be able to see how your chef cooks your meal, not catch glimpses of someone hopefully not reheating your burger in a microwave, you hastily applying the grill marks to the Grilled Chicken Burger. (heh)

Be asked if your meal was satisfactory,not have a crew member point to the corner where "We take our job at McDonalds seriously" forms.

Have a choice, or at least some veges, that are NOT a special. It seems that only last year McDonalds have discovered tomatoes don't grow in sauce bottles.

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