Organising objections
against planning applications - (UK)

This is a summary of suggested steps you might take
in organising an objection against an unwelcome planning application.

  1. Be aware of public notices placed in local papers and site notices.

  2. Once aware of a planning application, find out what it entails (perhaps by viewing the application at the planning office).

  3. Find out when the application was made and how long you have to make your objections.

  4. Write a letter of objection to the relevant planning authorities. Ensure that you use objections that are relevant to planning issues.

  5. Ensure that everyone else in the neighbourhood knows about the proposal. Don't rely on the council's adverts and notices - make your own, speak or write to neighbours and friends etc.

  6. If there is a residents' association, you might contact them. Alternatively you can organise an effective opposition yourself.

See also:
  • Guide to the Planning Applications - background information about the planning system.
  • Example letter of objection - to help you write your own letter.
  • Example campaign petition - helpfull for raising awareness.
  • Spoof McDriveThru application - to be used as a poster/flyer/notice.