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McLibel Appeal

Press release: 31 March 1999
McLibel Appeal - More Agony For The Fast Food Giant

The full McLibel Appeal began on Tuesday 12th January 1999 at 10.30am. Helen Steel (33) and Dave Morris (44) will be in court once again to challenge the use of libel laws as a form of censorship, and to overturn the parts of the verdict which went against them in the controversial case brought by the McDonald's Corporation.

From this page we will keep you up to date with as much of the court proceedings as possible - there is the press release and of course the notice of appeal from Helen Steel and Dave Morris.

Please watch this space for future developments and stories. We hope to publish as much of the press coverage as possible.

Later in the week we will also be conducting a live net event with participants from the McLibel case as well as others involved in McLibel.

Press release: McLibel Appeal - More Agony For The Fast Food Giant
Press release: McLibel Appeal Verdict 31st March
Diary of McLibel Appeal: Week 3 - 27th to 28th January
Diary of McLibel Appeal: Week 2 - 19th to 22nd January
Diary of McLibel Appeal: Week 1 - 11th to 15th January
Defendants' Petition to Appeal Against the Start Date
Summary of Appeal Points: Document
Notice of Appeal: Document
Press release: McLibel Appeal Begins 12th January
Press release: McDonald's Accept Damning Critisicms

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