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This Week at McDonald's
November 9 - 25 November

(For details of the latest protests and opposition to McDonald's,
please see This Week's Campaigning)

The Times
11th November 1996; UK

Wall Street Loses Taste For McDonald's
[McDonald's poor results bring down its share price]

November 1996; Net

McDonald's/Gateway2000 Ad Campaign
[Details of McDonald's and Gateway pact ensuring the portrayal and use of dead animals continues in mainstream media]

Daily Telegraph
15th November 1996; UK


Only days after unveiling the Maharaja Mac in New Delhi, McDonald's will next month take to the Swedish ski slopes in what the company claims is the world's first fast-food ski-through. The McSki branch is in the family resort of Lindvallen in Sweden. "There is no need to take off your skis," a spokesman tells me. "You just ski up to the counter, order your food and ski off." Customers who prefer not to munch on piste will be catered for in a 140-seat restaurant.

Daily Telegraph
23rd November 1996; UK

A McDonald's restaurant in Sunderland was closed yesterday adn 13 staff taken to hospital after being overcome by fumes believed to have been released when two chemicals were accidentally mixed.

Daily Telegraph
22 November 1996; UK

Grand Metropolitan said it was conducting a low-key overhaul of its Burger King chain, closing 20 outlets with the loss of around 360 jobs. There will be 400 outlets left after the closures.

8th November 1996; Bonn/ Munich (Germany)


Fast-food king McDonald's Corp plans a major expansion of its presence in Germany, opening 400 new restaurants and creating 20,000 new jobs by the year 2000, the head of its German subsidiary said on Friday.

Gerd Raupeter told a gathering to celebrate the 25th anniversery of its presence in Germany the company aimed to boost the number of customers to two million a day from 1.5 million.

McDonald's operates 713 restaurants in Germany and has a workforce of 40,000 employees. Its 1995 turnover in Germany totalled just under three billion marks, he said.

Reuters (Chicago; USA)
November 1996

Bio-Tech Boycott of McDonald's

It was mentioned in Reuter's and thus the Chicago News desk (wire service) about the Bio-Tech boycott on McDonalds fries. Extract as folows:

The Guardian
20th November 1996; UK


Question: Which countries do not have any McDonald's restaurants?

Answers so far include:

The following is a reply from the McLibel Support Campaign - expected publication of this column is Wednesday next week.

McDonald's don't have 'restaurants' in any countries. Because of the synthetic, unhealthy character of their products - which are high in fat, sugar and salt, and low in fibre and vitamins - and the emetically garish interior, I don't think any McDonald's outlet can be called a 'restaurant'. Incidentally, there are approximately 25 countries in which people are actively campaigning and protesting against McDonald's.

McLibel Support Campaign
5 Caledonian Road
London N1 9DX
Tel/Fax 0171 713 1269

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