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19 September - 25 September

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September 26 1996

New McDonald's Product Roll-Out

McDonald's is rolling out 3 new products on Sept 26 at noon Pacific time, 9am EST. It is not clear how extensive this hoopla is, but it appears to be another nationwide event, at least in major cities, with a live satellite feed from Chicago headquarters being sent to the local sites. To find out if there is an event in your area, call a local McD. The local paper paper may have gotten a press release about it if they remember it. What follows is a surreal promotional letter that was sent to newspapers in the San Diego USA area by a regional McD office.


McDonald's Corporation
4370 La Jolla Village Dr SW 800
San Diego CA 92122

Dear (Newspaper editor):

On Sept 26, McDonald's will make an important announcement that just may have adults across America singing and dancing and we would like you to be among the first to know why.

What, you ask, could McDonald's say that will make you sing and dance? The answer is the nationwide simultaneous launch of 3 new "Deluxe" sandwiches - all of which, along with the recently introduced Arch Deluxe - comprise McDonald's new Deluxe Menu.

Imagine larger, tastier, deluxe versions of McDonald's flagship products - the McChicken, Grilled Chicken, and Fillet-o-Fish sandwiches.

Not singing and dancing yet? You will. Be the first to see the hot, new dance craze soon to hit the streets, clubs and parties of America - the Deluxe Line Dance.

It's not the Macarena or the Electric Slide. It's McDonald's own contemporary fandango, created by world renowned coreographer Debbie Allen (from the movie Fame), to get people grooving to the new Deluxe line Menu at McDonald's.

The Deluxe Line Dance will be performed by a chorus of San Diego Charger Girls, Mesa College Dancers, and of course Ronald McDonald to a new "living" jingle as memorable as the famed "Two all beef patties, special..." I bet you can finish the rest (Don't look now but you're probably singing)

Please accept our invitation.

Economic Times
5th September 1996; India

McDonald's Plans India Debut Soon

McDonald's, whose entry into the Indian market has been the subject of specualtion for the last two years, is now preparing to open its first two outlets in Delhi and Bombay later this year, officials said.

Sydney Morning Herald
11th September 1996; Australia

McDonald's Sued

The operator of two McDonald's restaurants in Melbourne is suing the hamburger giant because he claims the group's plans to open more outlets will drain his profits and endanger the jobs of his staff. The writ has been lodged with the Supreme Court by Rodney Hackett, 50, of Canterbury, who is seeking unspecified damages for what he alleges are breaches of legal and contractual duties.

Islington Gazette
19th September 1996; London, UK

McDonald's Wins Corner Shop Site

A family firm that has sold luggage and repaired shoes for more than 30 years is packing its bags to make way for a new McDonald's restaurant. P. Savva and Sons has been trading in Holloway Road at the junction with Jackson Road since the early 60's.

They have sold the premises to McDonald's which plans to open a 75-seat restaurant on December 9. The shop will close its doors for the last time on September 30. Conversion into a restaurant will begin almost immediately. Philip Savva believes that the McDonald's restaurant stands a good chance of success because of the large number of students in the area following the expansion of the University of North London.

A spokeswoman for McDonald's said the new restaurant would provide up to 100 jobs. She stressed that the nearby McDonald's in Seven Sisters would remain open.

25th September 1996; UK

McDonald's is more powerful than European Commission

In answer to the anti-Brussels rhetoric of the Euro-sceptics, David Marquand, principal of Mansfield College, Oxford, said: "McDonald's is more powerful than the European Commission: it's the forces of globalisation which are destroying diversity."

The Independent
12th September 1996; UK

'Viz' Challenges McDonald's Over TV Money Tips

South African Times
18th September 1996; UK

Dissent Breaks Out In Big Mac's Ranks
Workers out on strike in South Africa

The Argus
15th September 1996; Cape Town, South Africa

Discontent brews at McDonald's
Cape staff complain of conditions of employment.

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