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How much suffering has Helen Steele served up?

Posted by: just observing ( usa ) on August 28, 1997 at 09:40:10:

So, Ronald McDonald is comparable to Hitler, Manson or Dahmer.
And he is responsible for many deaths because he promotes an unhealthy diet.
Should we compare Helen Steele to these killers as well? As I understand it she is/was a bartender. Now, alcohol has caused needless suffering for thousands. It has destroyed families. It has caused the deaths of innocent children due to drunk drivers. It has caused disease and early death in countless numbers. Was she not a promoter of this product? Should she be found guilty? Where is her concern for the children of alcoholics?
I wonder if a poll was taken on which caused the most suffering in the world, alcohol or Big Macs, what the results would be?

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